[mythtv-users] Hauppauge WinTV-quadHD TV Tuner Card 1609 and Pixelation

Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 17:29:32 UTC 2019

Hi Allen!

> I looked at the specs on the 1609 and there is nothing useful there so you
> just have to try it I guess.
> If the tuner doesn't work, try a high gain antenna. Try different
> directions. You might find a reflected path that is strong and doesn't have
> trees in the way.
> Good luck. I would be interested to see how works out.

It will be a little while before I put together the new Backend – 
hopefully in the Spring. I know can add the 1609 to the current Backend, 
due to the aging of that motherboard I prefer to start fresh.

And if I may pick your brain again, what is considered a ‘high gain 
antenna’? One I am currently using is an AntennasDirect DB2E; from the 
data sheet:

Performance Data:

     Peak Gain: 11.8 dBi     @ 698 MHz

     VSWR:     3.0 Max     470 MHz to 698 MHz

Next section lists ‘Boresight Gain’ (whatever that is)

     470 MHz 9.06 dBi

     546          9.92

     622         10.9

     698     11.73

Local stations:

WHBF     “ 4” RF 4         69 MHz (midpoint)                Bettendorf 
Ant.Farm (3 mi)

KWQC     “ 6”    RF 36     605 MHz     1000 KW ERP     Orion Ant. Farm 
(18 mi)

WQAD     “ 8”    RF 38     617 MHz     1000 KW ERP     Orion Ant. Farm 
(18 mi)

KLJB     “18” RF 49     683 MHz     1000 KW ERP     Orion Ant. Farm (18 mi)

WQPT   “24”     RF 23     527 MHz         80 KW ERP     Orion Ant. Farm 
(18 mi)

KQIN     “36” RF 35     599 MHz       368 KW ERP     Orion Ant. Farm (18 mi)

Ignoring the VHF station which I could probably use a wet toothpick as 
an antenna in general the weakest station (WQPT) I have the most problem 
receiving; the highest frequency station (KLJB) also can give lots of 
pixelation. Again the windier it is the higher the probability of a 
chopped-up recording.

I’m not expecting a definitive answer but perhaps you or someone sees 
something I don’t because I don’t have the training and so give 
guidance. As Dad said, I know enough to be dangerous! <g>

Thanks again!


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