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Richard Shaw hobbes1069 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 8 01:53:48 UTC 2014

On Thu, Mar 6, 2014 at 10:04 PM, Phil Staub <phil at staub.us> wrote:

> Since installing an HDHomeRun Prime with cable card, I've been struggling
> with some issues that I can best describe as stability problems that I'm
> trying to work through. I'm sure there are multiple things going wrong, and
> I'm not quite sure where to start. I'm pretty new to the community, so if
> I've missed some resources in attempting to track down my problems, nudges
> in the right direction would be appreciated.
> A bit of history:
> First, this a Ubuntu 12.04 system with MythTV 0.27 built and installed
> from sources. My cable provider is Cox in Las Vegas. The HDHomeRun firmware
> is 20140121. The cable card is a Cisco.
> After going through the setup process, I end up with a MythTV system that
> works fine with some channels, but has various problems with others:
> channels that fail to tune and crash with an error message about
> 'unrecoverable tuner error'. Once this happens, I have to exit mythfrontend
> (usually by killing the process, because the gui is locked up) and restart
> it to recover. There are also some issues with recording programs, but I
> decided to get basic tv operation working first.

I'm having the same problem. I had a mostly working setup but called
because I was not getting one channel I was supposed to be. The tech
totally borked my setup and then none of my channels worked. I've since
spent about 4 hours on the phone with comcast and it's back to working just
how you describe. Having to kill mythfrontend every time is getting to be a

>From what I understand from this:


Your case is authenticated but not activated and it's going into some sort
of fallback mode where some channels work. I tried to explain to Comcast's
ADVANCED tech support that my card isn't activated/validated but got
nowhere. They're sending out a tech (at no charge if the problem is on
their end, haha) but I don't know what they are PHYSICALLY going to do.

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