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Myth Steve stevemyth at priorityelectronics.com
Fri Sep 21 02:03:49 UTC 2012

On 09/20/2012 12:02 PM, Joseph Fry wrote:
>                                     Am 15.09.2012 02:43, schrieb Scott
>                                     & Nicole Harris:
>                                             Hi everybody, I just
>                                             wanted to announce on the
>                                             mailing list that a new
>                                             version
>                                         of the blue-abstract theme is out.
>                                             It has undergone a major
>                                             rewrite. There were tons
>                                             of changes,
>                                         which can be seen in the
>                                         changelog or on github.
>                                 Robert, I downloaded version 1.8 a few
>                                 days ago, and I'm very impressed with
>                                 how polished it is. Thanks.
>                             A few more issues I noticed while using
>                             the new version for a few days:
>                             - The OSD element in top left corner is
>                             not taking GUI offsets into
>                             account. I use different resolutions for
>                             video vs. GUI and while
>                             watching recordings, the top left corner
>                             of the screen is outside the
>                             viewport, so that this OSD element is only
>                             partially visible.
>                             - I wonder why there are distinct
>                             background images missing for some
>                             major menu points like Media Library.
>                             - The upcoming recording entries aren't
>                             colored, which makes it hard
>                             to determine the different state of the
>                             different recordings from each
>                             other.
>                             - The auto-scrolling of some text areas is
>                             far to fast, e.g. for the
>                             episode descriptions. I'd rather have them
>                             not scrolling at all, so I
>                             can always read the beginning of the
>                             description and hit INFO for the
>                             complete text.
>                         Regarding the missing background images: I use
>                         my own (imho better structured) menu (which
>                         you can activate in the appearance settings,
>                         it called blue-abstract-menu). There I don't
>                         use the media gallery. I'll add the background
>                         to it in the next version.
>                         I'll add some color to the upcoming recording
>                         text.
>                         Unfortunately there is no option to change the
>                         scrolling speed. I'll think about disabling
>                         it. You can still disable the scrolling
>                         yourself in the xml file.
>                     Dont disable it, its one of the best features of
>                     this theme. IMO.
>                 Agreed
>             So how do you guys actually read the scrolling content
>             with the current scrolling speed, if the episode
>             description is like 10 lines longs, but you only see 4
>             lines at once? I might not be the fastest reader, but I
>             doubt anyone could really read those with the current
>             settings.
>             A slower scrolling speed would definitely help too, though
>             I'd still prefer to only read the full description on
>             demand, because everybody has a different reading speed,
>             and you might not start reading right after opening the
>             recording, so you missed the first lines and need to wait
>             until the scrolling loops back. Bad usability IMO.
>         Actually, I love the idea of the text scrolling, It's been a
>         bugbear of mine for a while that there's a word or two missing
>         from a text field, and I have to go into the "full detail"
>         window to see it.
>         However, while it works well in the "Watch Recordings" screen
>         where 99% of the "details" are only one or two lines over the
>         limit of the panel, some stuff in "Watch Videos" has very long
>         details, and it is, I agree, impossible to read, so either a
>         control somewhere to specify speed, or perhaps a "pause"
>         button to stop the scrolling temporarily while we read the
>         section currently on screen?
>         In general I like 1.8, however I must say I preferred 1.7's
>         animated icon when a programme was recording to the pulsing
>         cog that 1.8 has, and I also feel that background images in
>         the menus is distracting and a little tacky, one of the things
>         that I liked about blue-abstract was that it didn't have naff
>         images of TVs and turntables, so that's a bit of a backward
>         step for me, but I guess I'll get used to it!
>         I would like to echo the earlier comments about having the
>         ability to turn things on and off, or vary speeds etc. Perhaps
>         in a config file, perhaps in the MythFrontend menu, I don't
>         care, but the ability to do this would be fantastic.
>         One simple way to disable the scrolling is pick QT instead of
>         Auto or OpenGL for your paint engine. Mine was set to "Qt" by
>         default and I was about to post as to why I couldn't get
>         animated text fields, but then thought to check this and test
>         in OpenGL. One obvious question, is there any obvious
>         advantage / disadvantage to using the OpenGL paint engine?
>         Cheers
>         Gordon
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>     Any way to increase the font sizes in the watch recordings and the
>     guide (or even all throughout)? Our tv is about 17' from our
>     couch, and even though it's a 48", it's hard to read these fonts.
> I'm sure you could but it would likely break a lot of things.  17 feet 
> is awfully far for that size TV... I set 3.5" of screen (diagonal) per 
> foot I'm away from the TV as a minimum.  It would be very hard to make 
> a decent theme suitable for your reading distance.  You might try the 
> "Readability" theme, I believe it's intended to have higher contrast 
> so at least the letters will be a little easier to make out, I haven't 
> used it myself.
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I know it's far. It's just how our living room is setup. You are far 
from the tv and there is no real good way to fix it. We could up it to a 
65" tv, but I bet we'd still have a hard time reading. We're young, so 
we can technically read it, but but the guide is hard to read and I get 
a headache if I look at it for more than 5 minutes due to all the 
squinting required. Mythtv has font size settings, but they don't do 
anything for the themes.



Steve Peters

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