[mythtv-users] New blue-abstract theme 1.8

Joseph Fry joe at thefrys.com
Thu Sep 20 19:02:09 UTC 2012

>   Am 15.09.2012 02:43, schrieb Scott & Nicole Harris:
>>>>>>>>>> Hi everybody, I just wanted to announce on the mailing list that
>>>>>>>>>>> a new version
>>>>>>>>>> of the blue-abstract theme is out.
>>>>>>>>>>> It has undergone a major rewrite. There were tons of changes,
>>>>>>>>>> which can be seen in the changelog or on github.
>>>>>>>>> Robert, I downloaded version 1.8 a few days ago, and I'm very
>>>>>>>> impressed with how polished it is. Thanks.
>>>>>>> A few more issues I noticed while using the new version for a few
>>>>>>> days:
>>>>>>> - The OSD element in top left corner is not taking GUI offsets into
>>>>>>> account. I use different resolutions for video vs. GUI and while
>>>>>>> watching recordings, the top left corner of the screen is outside the
>>>>>>> viewport, so that this OSD element is only partially visible.
>>>>>>> - I wonder why there are distinct background images missing for some
>>>>>>> major menu points like Media Library.
>>>>>>> - The upcoming recording entries aren't colored, which makes it hard
>>>>>>> to determine the different state of the different recordings from
>>>>>>> each
>>>>>>> other.
>>>>>>> - The auto-scrolling of some text areas is far to fast, e.g. for the
>>>>>>> episode descriptions. I'd rather have them not scrolling at all, so I
>>>>>>> can always read the beginning of the description and hit INFO for the
>>>>>>> complete text.
>>>>>> Regarding the missing background images: I use my own (imho better
>>>>>> structured) menu (which you can activate in the appearance settings, it
>>>>>> called blue-abstract-menu). There I don't use the media gallery. I'll add
>>>>>> the background to it in the next version.
>>>>>> I'll add some color to the upcoming recording text.
>>>>>> Unfortunately there is no option to change the scrolling speed. I'll
>>>>>> think about disabling it. You can still disable the scrolling yourself in
>>>>>> the xml file.
>>>>>>  Dont disable it, its one of the best features of this theme. IMO.
>>>> Agreed
>>> So how do you guys actually read the scrolling content with the current
>>> scrolling speed, if the episode description is like 10 lines longs, but you
>>> only see 4 lines at once? I might not be the fastest reader, but I doubt
>>> anyone could really read those with the current settings.
>>> A slower scrolling speed would definitely help too, though I'd still
>>> prefer to only read the full description on demand, because everybody has a
>>> different reading speed, and you might not start reading right after
>>> opening the recording, so you missed the first lines and need to wait until
>>> the scrolling loops back. Bad usability IMO.
>>>  Actually, I love the idea of the text scrolling, It's been a bugbear of
>> mine for a while that there's a word or two missing from a text field, and
>> I have to go into the "full detail" window to see it.
>> However, while it works well in the "Watch Recordings" screen where 99%
>> of the "details" are only one or two lines over the limit of the panel,
>> some stuff in "Watch Videos" has very long details, and it is, I agree,
>> impossible to read, so either a control somewhere to specify speed, or
>> perhaps a "pause" button to stop the scrolling temporarily while we read
>> the section currently on screen?
>> In general I like 1.8, however I must say I preferred 1.7's animated icon
>> when a programme was recording to the pulsing cog that 1.8 has, and I also
>> feel that background images in the menus is distracting and a little tacky,
>> one of the things that I liked about blue-abstract was that it didn't have
>> naff images of TVs and turntables, so that's a bit of a backward step for
>> me, but I guess I'll get used to it!
>> I would like to echo the earlier comments about having the ability to
>> turn things on and off, or vary speeds etc. Perhaps in a config file,
>> perhaps in the MythFrontend menu, I don't care, but the ability to do this
>> would be fantastic.
>> One simple way to disable the scrolling is pick QT instead of Auto or
>> OpenGL for your paint engine. Mine was set to "Qt" by default and I was
>> about to post as to why I couldn't get animated text fields, but then
>> thought to check this and test in OpenGL. One obvious question, is there
>> any obvious advantage / disadvantage to using the OpenGL paint engine?
>> Cheers
>> Gordon
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> Any way to increase the font sizes in the watch recordings and the guide
> (or even all throughout)? Our tv is about 17' from our couch, and even
> though it's a 48", it's hard to read these fonts.
I'm sure you could but it would likely break a lot of things.  17 feet
is awfully far for that size TV... I set 3.5" of screen (diagonal) per foot
I'm away from the TV as a minimum.  It would be very hard to make a decent
theme suitable for your reading distance.  You might try the "Readability"
theme, I believe it's intended to have higher contrast so at least the
letters will be a little easier to make out, I haven't used it myself.
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