[mythtv-users] PVR350 problems with Myth 0.25.2

Neil Bird neil at fnxweb.com
Wed Sep 12 13:39:14 UTC 2012

Around about 12/09/12 09:56, Dave Pearson typed ...
> This won't be any help to you, but I am experiencing similar problems with
> my PVR250's (I've got one in my MBE and one in my SBE). I sometimes get a
> flashing stripe about 20% of the height of the screen at the top - it's as
> if it's being torn from the image (if that makes any sense).

   OK, time for an AOL moment:  me too.

   Except, I have 0.24.x still (with my PVR-350), and I only ever use it 
(the card) for s-video in:  it's not configured for TV (and wouldn't work 
now, anyway, as all our analogue channels have been turned off).

   Maybe once a month I get a stuffed recording like that (my flashing strip 
*seems* to be a distorted checker board pattern), and the problem lasts for 
the whole recording.  I've never noticed it run into another (back-to-back) 
recording, but that situation may not have ever occurred.

   I had initially thought it was my satellite box, but I've come to believe 
it's my card (or, at least, PVR-based), and had just thought it was starting 
to go (so I'm going to get a new s-video card for the new box I'm building up).

   It hasn't always done it, but I couldn't say it started after a Myth 
update though.

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