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 Since upgrading to Myth 0.25.2 I've been having problem with channel 
switching on my PVR350. I have two tuners one PVR350, and one HDHomerun. 
 Tuning problems are mainly with the PVR350. 
I am experiencing long delays when switching to, or changing channels on 
the PVR350. At times I also get a flashing or pixelated line across the 
top of the screen. If I exit and re-tune the same channel it's usually 
 gone. I also get recordings that are the same way, so that eliminates a 
video driver issue. 
When it does work after a channel change it takes up to 20 sec before it 
actually displays the video on the new channel ( while waiting it shows a 
 still shot of the previous channel but I can hear sound from the new 
If it doesn't work I get an "Error opening jump program file buffer" and am 
returned back to the menu. which happens 50% of the time. Then I can't use 
 the card without rebooting. 
If I look at the backend status it says that it's watching live TV on the 
channel and tuner I tried to tune or change to. 
Has anyone else seen this, or have a fix? 

Tim Scholl wrote: 
> Has anyone else seen this, or have a fix? 
A fix, no... A work around, possibly. 
As someone pointed out to me with my issue with changing channels on my 
HVR-2250 (analog side), is to jump to a digital channel on the HDHR and 
then to an analog channel that you want. 
It does work. 
For some reason. I never received an email with the reply but did see it on Mythtv - Users.

I tried your suggestion and it does work but it is a pain in the butt to have to do.
I am wondering if there a ticket open on this problem?

Thanks in advance. 

Tim Scholl

Hi Tim.

This won't be any help to you, but I am experiencing similar problems with my PVR250's (I've got one in my MBE and one in my SBE). I sometimes get a flashing stripe about 20% of the height of the screen at the top - it's as if it's being torn from the image (if that makes any sense). It doesn't happen every time I switch to a PVR250 channel, but it also happens sometimes when a recording is started (which makes it really annoying, I can do something about it when I'm watching live tv). Since this happens on both cards in different machines, I tend to discount the thought that the card is faulty.

I also get fairly frequent "Error opening jump program file buffer" messages, but can normally continue to use the card without having to reboot (although I sometimes have to restart the mythbackend process). Channel changes are also a bit slow, but I don't actually change channel on the card as I use the composite input exclusively on these cards to record from an external box (Sky+HD in the UK).
So I echo your plea for help - if anyone else has had these sorts of problems and knows of a fix, please let us know.



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