[mythtv-users] Powerline ethernet

Steve Netting steve at moonfoundation.com
Sun Nov 25 17:50:26 UTC 2012


> Just to throw my anecdote onto the pile, I tried a 200 model in a new
> house about a year ago, and I got about 6 Mb/s. Plus they caused my
> computer speakers, which were plugged into a nearby outlet, to buzz
> loudly.

These things radiate noise from DC to VHF.  People should also be aware
that old cordless phones and baby monitors (all ~49MHz), old wireless
keyboards/mice (~27MHz), FM Radio (~100MHz), DAB radio (200MHz) in both
your own house and close neighbours may also be effected, not to mention
any audio equipment with poor mains filtering (as the previous poster
mentioned above).  Plus, if you rely on ADSL it's worth checking
performance of your ADSL before and after powerline network installation; 
previous tests have show large differences in SNR pre/post powerline
network installation.

It seems to work well for some people and not for others.  Keep in mind
that just because your equipment continues to work doesn't mean your
neighbours are so lucky.


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