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Sun Nov 25 20:34:27 UTC 2012

On 26/11/2012 4:50 AM, "Steve Netting" <steve at moonfoundation.com> wrote:
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> > Just to throw my anecdote onto the pile, I tried a 200 model in a new
> > house about a year ago, and I got about 6 Mb/s. Plus they caused my
> > computer speakers, which were plugged into a nearby outlet, to buzz
> > loudly.
> These things radiate noise from DC to VHF.  People should also be aware
> that old cordless phones and baby monitors (all ~49MHz), old wireless
> keyboards/mice (~27MHz), FM Radio (~100MHz), DAB radio (200MHz) in both
> your own house and close neighbours may also be effected, not to mention
> any audio equipment with poor mains filtering (as the previous poster
> mentioned above).  Plus, if you rely on ADSL it's worth checking
> performance of your ADSL before and after powerline network installation;
> previous tests have show large differences in SNR pre/post powerline
> network installation.
> It seems to work well for some people and not for others.  Keep in mind
> that just because your equipment continues to work doesn't mean your
> neighbours are so lucky.
> Steve
They also need to be the only device plugged in the socket and they dont
like extension boards. _______________________________________________
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