[mythtv-users] mythcenter-wide gui refresh rate

Jean-Yves Avenard jyavenard at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 13:16:59 UTC 2012

On Tuesday, 17 July 2012, David Farmer wrote:

> I only have 3 modelines in my xorg, 1080p at 60, 1080p at 50, and 1080p at 24.These will actually refresh correctly for 59.94 and 23.97 rates too. If the
> display receives any signal that does not fit these refresh rates, it
> defaults to 1080i at 50Hz, which is what I am seeing until I play the first
> recording or close Myth.
Then either your mode lines are wrong (for those, you usually don't have to
set any as they would already be defined in the EDID)
Or you have seLected the wrong refresh rate in the settings.

If I were you, I would delete all your mode lines settings and whatever
custom stuff you've added to xorg.conf, reboot and let X do it's job
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