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David Farmer remrafevad at gmail.com
Tue Jul 17 08:35:44 UTC 2012

On Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 7:04 PM, David Farmer <remrafevad at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Sun, Jul 15, 2012 at 6:55 PM, David Farmer <remrafevad at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Recently I updated MythTV
>> [2012-07-04 16:51] upgraded mythtv (1:0.25-3 -> 1:0.25.1-1)
>> and
>> [2012-07-09 17:25] upgraded mythtv (1:0.25.1-1 -> 1:0.25.1-2)
>> and have noticed that the MythCenter-wide theme doesn't like using my
>> default refresh rate of 1080p at 60Hz. When using the earlier version
>> 0.25-3 I didn't have this issue. I have the “Separate video modes for
>> GUI and TV playback” checked.
>> Frontend log gives
>> 2012-07-15 18:10:21.973686 N  Desktop video mode: 1920x1080 59.939 Hz
>> 2012-07-15 18:10:21.978472 I  max_width: 1920 max_height: 1080
>> 2012-07-15 18:10:21.978500 I  Trying 1920x1080 0.000 Hz
>> 2012-07-15 18:10:22.199381 I  SwitchToGUI: Switched to 1920x1080 0.000 Hz
>> which results in 1080i at 50Hz on my screen. If I begin playing a
>> recording, Myth then gives me 1080p at 50Hz, and stopping the recording
>> keeps it at that setting.
>> Can I set the theme to accept 60Hz again?
> But what is the last video you tried to play ?
> If you set the refresh rate to "Auto" it will set your screen refresh
> rate to the framerate of the last video played
> I'm in Australia and all my recordings are at 50Hz. I do have it set to
> auto, and after playing any recording Myth automatically sets it to
> 1080p at 50Hz, and it stays there from then onwards.
> But the GUI doesn't seem to recognise my 60Hz setting upon startup since
> the update described. I liked this setting for a really smooth GUI
> experience (not just in Myth but all programmes). At 1080i I seem to get
> those awful deinterlace-style lines through the Myth GUI, which only goes
> away after playing the first recording. Once I close Myth, my display
> reverts to 60Hz for all other programmes.

I don't see how you could see "awful deinterlace-style lines through the
Myth GUI" provided the GUI is never interlaced to start with...
The GUI has barely any animated content, don't see how 50Hz would be any
different the 60Hz... I'm afraid the issue isn't on your computer

I don't know what else to say, except that I am seeing what I am seeing.

I only have 3 modelines in my xorg, 1080p at 60, 1080p at 50, and 1080p at 24. These
will actually refresh correctly for 59.94 and 23.97 rates too. If the
display receives any signal that does not fit these refresh rates, it
defaults to 1080i at 50Hz, which is what I am seeing until I play the first
recording or close Myth.

I understand that no part of the GUI is interlaced, but from that update
onwards as Mythfrontend is initially opened my display does not seem to
interpret the signal as any recognised refresh rate and so changes to
1080i. This results in jagged lines on every application displayed my pc,
including the desktop if I minimise Myth. But I know it is not being sent
from the pc that way, because a screen capture taken at this time and
viewed once Myth is closed appears normal (as does everything once Myth is
closed or a recording is played).
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