[mythtv-users] Metadata info available to all frontends.

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Jul 1 22:08:06 UTC 2012

On 07/01/2012 05:44 PM, Another Sillyname wrote:
> I'm finally getting my .25 fixes setup into an almost fully usable state.
> One thing I can't see how to do properly is get the video metadata
> onto the frontends other then the backends frontend (if you see what I
> mean).
> I've set up my Video storage group with the Banner,
> Fanart...etc...subdirectories.  After having to flush my video
> database and rescan I managed to get the grabber working which sorted
> out about 50% of my movie library, I then hand crafted the rest of the
> titles that needed sorting out and now have sorted out most of the
> film library, the TV library is yet to be started on.
> If I run a frontend on the backend it all picks up correctly, the
> backend frontend still has the default pathings (not valid) in Setup
> -->  Media Settings -->  Videos Settings  -->  General as do the other
> frontends, all the frontends point to subdirectories that do not exist
> in these settings.  However the backend frontend is picking up the
> metadata from the storage group as it should.
> However non of the other frontends are picking up the metadata.
> Reading the wiki I should only need to scan the library from any valid
> frontend for them all to be able to pick up the data, is this wrong?

I'm guessing you're browsing file system on the other frontends?



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