[mythtv-users] Same program with different program IDs

Paul Warren pdw at ex-parrot.com
Sat Jan 7 20:43:56 UTC 2012

My MythTV setup has both a DVB-T tuner (getting UK Freeview) and a 
DVB-S/DVB-S2 tuner (getting FreeSat).

I'm using the Radio Times XMLTV grabber for listings.  Everything mostly 
works, except that I'm seeing two different styles of program IDs with 
the result that MythTV will frequently try to record two showings of the 
same program.  For example:

| sourceid | chanid | title    | subtitle            | programid           |
|        4 |   9941 | Casualty | Duty of Care        | EP14545898517q      |
|        4 |  13356 | Casualty | Duty of Care        | EP14545898517q      |
|        3 |   3001 | Casualty | Duty of Care        | fp.bbc.co.uk/1ftwld |

source id 4 corresponds to the FreeSat tuner, with the two different 
channels being BBC1 and BBC1 HD.  MythTV tries to record both the BBC1 
HD version from FreeSat, and the BBC1 version from FreeView because the 
program IDs differ.

What's confusing is that if I completely wipe the program table and 
re-run mythfilldatabase everything is OK, and then at some point some of 
the program IDs change.

Can anyone explain the two different formats of program ID?  Is one 
coming from the EIT listings?

Any suggestions on how to fix this so that the same program always gets 
the same ID?


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