[mythtv-users] All-in-one frontend

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Fri Sep 30 14:43:16 UTC 2011

On 9/30/2011 09:07, Bart Delva wrote:
> Does anyone have experience with this PC ? What is a bit my concern is 
> the graphics controller which is the Intel Integrated Graphics GMA3150.

Yes.  The Atom line of processors suck, hard.  The NM10 chipset sucks 
just as hard.  You will notice Shuttle doesn't even attempt to pass this 
machine off as good for video.  The NM10 has no form of hardware 
accelerated decoding, and the Atom doesn't have enough power to do it on 
its own.  This machine will be unusable as a MythTV frontend for 
anything H264 or HD.  It may be passable for standard definition MPEG2 

> I have another frontend running on Atom D525 processor with success 
> but with an ION graphics controller. This one is able to play all 
> content including full 1080p25.

The only saving grace of that system is the nVidia graphics chip 
providing hardware decoding of all of your content.

> Other possible all-in-one solutions (fan-less, good-looking, ...) for 
> this front-end

Look into the HP Touchsmart systems.  nVidia graphics are always 
preferred, but the Intel graphics on the Core i3 processors should be 
adequate, especially considering you're not going to be hooking this up 
to an external TV that may need special finessing.  The Dell systems use 
AMD processors (which is fine) and AMD graphics (which is not fine) and 
should be avoided.  Gateways are just re-badged HPs.  Sony makes a 
system you can get nVidia graphics on, but it's anything but inexpensive.

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