[mythtv-users] All-in-one frontend

Bart Delva bart.delva at labolamot.be
Fri Sep 30 13:07:05 UTC 2011


I want to add a separate frontend to my setup in my kitchen. Being able to
play Live TV, Recorded TV shows, other videos, play MP3s, ...

I was looking for a all-in-one PC solution to have the easiest setup
possible (avoiding separate screen, PC, ...) and the Shuttle X50V2 caught my

Does anyone have experience with this PC ? What is a bit my concern is the
graphics controller which is the Intel Integrated Graphics GMA3150.

I have another frontend running on Atom D525 processor with success but with
an ION graphics controller. This one is able to play all content including
full 1080p25.

Other possible all-in-one solutions (fan-less, good-looking, ...) for this


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