[mythtv-users] All-in-one frontend

Dan Wilga mythtv-users2 at dwilga-linux1.amherst.edu
Fri Sep 30 15:20:49 UTC 2011

On 9/30/11 10:43 AM, Raymond Wagner wrote:
> On 9/30/2011 09:07, Bart Delva wrote:
>> Does anyone have experience with this PC ? What is a bit my concern is
>> the graphics controller which is the Intel Integrated Graphics GMA3150.
> Yes.  The Atom line of processors suck, hard.  The NM10 chipset sucks
> just as hard.  You will notice Shuttle doesn't even attempt to pass this
> machine off as good for video.  The NM10 has no form of hardware
> accelerated decoding, and the Atom doesn't have enough power to do it on
> its own.  This machine will be unusable as a MythTV frontend for
> anything H264 or HD.  It may be passable for standard definition MPEG2
> content.
While you may be correct as far as this particular machine goes, don't 
reject all Atoms out of hand. I frequently play 1080i and 720p content 
on my D330-based (dual-core) machines without problem--and that includes 
MPEG-4 transcoded video, where the CPU has to do the decoding. The load 
averages are not even all that awful.

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