[mythtv-users] Channel listing on mythweb from PDA fixed with downgrade

Anthony Rooney rooneyo at iinet.net.au
Fri Sep 23 10:15:41 UTC 2011

> My front end/back end systems run Mandriva 2010.2, with the exception of a
> compatible Minimyth front end.
> It is perfectly possible for me to select a front-end only setup to load
onto my
> front end machines with this distro. Maybe others offer it too.
> I know that this is not a "recommended" arrangement, but I have had no
> problem with it.
> The Minimyth distribution is net-booted from another server and is also
> front-end only, although even there it is possible to enable a slave
> where required.
> A side issue to using Mandriva is that the Mythweb files are unusable, and
> had to download a tarball from the website and unpack it. Hardly rocket
> science.

I loaded Myth frontend on the client machines from the Applications section
of Ubuntu which offered the frontend and backend separately.  I chose just
the frontend however it installed both  - like it or not as if it was a
dependency.  I can see the value in having a secondary backend however I
cannot understand why having a single Front -end installation should not be
"recommended".  What is the architectural reason for this is a pure Backend
/ Frontend configuration?  You should have the flexibility to choose
according to your needs.  It appears it was a decision of the designers that
was not fully considered which I found somewhat counter intuitive.  It's
good that Mandriva gives you the additional flexibility.

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