[mythtv-users] Channel listing on mythweb from PDA fixed with downgrade

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Thu Sep 22 15:36:19 UTC 2011

On 22/09/11 16:06, Anthony Rooney wrote:
>> Such semantics, but no suggestions as to a solution.......
Clipped much carping :)
> The worst part of my story was that the Myth upgrade that caused the
> problems was accidental however I was wise enough to capture images of the
> old environment giving me some sort of back out option.  The problem I face
> now is finding a way to download older front ends that will connect to the
> backend which is several schema versions back.  When I last tried to find a
> way to get older versions I was not very successful.  I also found it very
> unusual that you cannot simply load the front end on a client machine as it
> appears to insist on loading another backend whether you like it or not
> which seems very unusual for any client server setup.  Just another one of
> those things thrown in to make things a little more confusing, or so it
> would seem.
My front end/back end systems run Mandriva 2010.2, with the exception of a 
compatible Minimyth front end.

It is perfectly possible for me to select a front-end only setup to load onto my 
front end machines with this distro. Maybe others offer it too.

I know that this is not a "recommended" arrangement, but I have had no problem 
with it.

The Minimyth distribution is net-booted from another server and is also 
front-end only, although even there it is possible to enable a slave backend 
where required.

A side issue to using Mandriva is that the Mythweb files are unusable, and I had 
to download a tarball from the website and unpack it. Hardly rocket science.


Mike Perkins

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