[mythtv-users] Channel listing on mythweb from PDA fixed with downgrade

Anthony Rooney rooneyo at iinet.net.au
Thu Sep 22 15:06:45 UTC 2011

> Such semantics, but no suggestions as to a solution.......

I reimaged my myth backend box to an image from last November 2010 v0.23 and
tested mythweb with the Nokia and E63 and all the listing and other
functionality work perfectly.

I now know that as a result of upgrading from 0.23 to 0.24 the following

1. My ASUS N13 USB N wireless adapter that used to connect reliably at 270MB
stopped working
2. My dual tuner KWorld DVB-T 160 card became unusable but could only lock
on channels about 15% of the time even though the signal and Antenna
connection were completely unchanged.  This card resumed normal service when
move to a Windows machine.
3. I lost the very valuable ability to connect to Mythweb and set recording
via my Nokia E63 completely negating the effort to setup Port 80 and the
security to expose the site to the internet.
4.  I just discovered that some programs recorded actually recorded the
wrong channel even though they were listed correctly in Recorded Programs.
This is a remarkable failure of the solution.

With all four issue I logged queries on various forums getting zero
assistance just carping responses about the format of my follow on posts not
meeting the correct format standards.  Regardless of the structure of my
follow up posts the initial posts were clear as crystal and no follow-ups
would have been posted if some useful assistance was offered.  I got didly
squat help just spiteful carping about semantics that sparked a flurry of
responses which I completely ignored.

You would think that every upgrade would actually improve Myth making it
more stable and dare I say MORE USER FRIENDLY however there are many who
would appear to want to keep it a small exclusive club of like minder
engineers determined to keep it from main stream use.  Otherwise you would
act in a way to encourage the use and adaption of Myth and make it easier
for people to raise queries.

This is a terrible indictment to the entire project and violates the spirit
of sharing knowledge and assisting people genuinely trying to learn and
adapt to the technology.  Reading through the 8500+ postings captured from
subscribing to this forum is very revealing of the topics that spark
protracted fringe debate whereas fundamental "USER INTERFACE" and core
functionality problem are systematically ignored as if there is a real
culture of denial that there are problem with the solution.  For example
with the explosion of PDA devices in the world you would think that this
would be an area where Myth could really set itself apart from other
offerings however to get not a single suggestion of assistance beggars
belief and shows the mentality of those working on this project.

So many post to this forum reflect the same story of people struggling to
stabilise Myth for so long and once they reach any sort of stability they
dare not accept any updates, which speaks volumes about the fragile nature
of the release methodology as well as the confusing nature of its design.

The worst part of my story was that the Myth upgrade that caused the
problems was accidental however I was wise enough to capture images of the
old environment giving me some sort of back out option.  The problem I face
now is finding a way to download older front ends that will connect to the
backend which is several schema versions back.  When I last tried to find a
way to get older versions I was not very successful.  I also found it very
unusual that you cannot simply load the front end on a client machine as it
appears to insist on loading another backend whether you like it or not
which seems very unusual for any client server setup.  Just another one of
those things thrown in to make things a little more confusing, or so it
would seem.

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