[mythtv-users] Recorded program playing back different program than scheduled

Anthony Rooney rooneyo at iinet.net.au
Thu Sep 22 10:03:05 UTC 2011

I was playing back recorded programs recently and found to my disbelief that
many of my recorded programs were completely incorrect.

A regular scheduled recording of DR Who on ABC1 Australia each Saturday 7:35
- 8:26 which shows up in the recorded list as the correct program with the
correct EPG however when you play it back it is a different program on a
different channel.  This has happened to the last 3 weeks recording of this
show whereas the previous 4 weeks were OK.  The strange thing is the
incorrect program and channel is not the same as the previous weeks
incorrect one as one week it recorded Channel 9 instead of ABC1 and the next
week it recorded channel11.  Time of recording is correct but channel
incorrect but showing the intended program in the recorded list.

Another regular timeslot recording is also recording the wrong channel and
some of the other schedules are working OK.  I have 2 tuners in the system
version 0.24.  Does anyone have any ideas how I should troubleshoot and fix?



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