[mythtv-users] Web based 'cutpoint' editing

Mario Weilguni roadrunner6 at gmx.at
Sun Sep 18 16:16:49 UTC 2011

Am 18.09.2011 12:50, schrieb Robert Logan:
> The problem I had with that is the time it took to move around a large
> file, say a movie (4GB) leads to a lot of disk IO, and some considerable
> 'waits'- although I was using ffmpeg rather that mplayer as my tool -
> perhaps its better in that respect.
The reason I've chosen mplayer was, that I could use the recordedseek 
table for fast generation of the thumbnails, and assuring that cutting 
is done at B-frames. I tried ffmpeg at first, but was unhappy with the 
result. I do not have any problems with 6GB files on a moderate sized 
machine. In the recordedseek table there's a file offset for any 
B-frame, and that makes it very easy to compute the mythtv cutpoint.

> On my second iteration, I simply made a low resolution copy of the file
> (the 'prepare' part - 4GB becomes about 160M) that is then feasibly
> cacheable by the OS, and becomes usable thereafter. On my third
> iteration I added a pregeneration of thumbnails ... faster again by far.

I tried this too, but was later unable to get the position right for the 
mythtv recordedmarkup table, so I took the approach above.

> I will push on though, and make it more feature complete (its not going
> to be much more), although my now 'amazing Ajax skills' mean I can do
> things that make it a decent application.

Yes, Ajax could make the interface much better. Especially frame loading 
and "more/all frames" could profit from Ajax. Another nice addition 
would be start transcoding / modify transcoding options directly from 
the application.

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