[mythtv-users] Web based 'cutpoint' editing

Robert Logan bert at p3rf3ct.com
Sun Sep 18 20:47:50 UTC 2011

On 18/09/2011 17:16, Mario Weilguni wrote:
> Am 18.09.2011 12:50, schrieb Robert Logan:
>> The problem I had with that is the time it took to move around a large
>> file, say a movie (4GB) leads to a lot of disk IO, and some considerable
>> 'waits'- although I was using ffmpeg rather that mplayer as my tool -
>> perhaps its better in that respect.
> The reason I've chosen mplayer was, that I could use the recordedseek 
> table for fast generation of the thumbnails, and assuring that cutting 
> is done at B-frames. I tried ffmpeg at first, but was unhappy with the 
> result. I do not have any problems with 6GB files on a moderate sized 
> machine. In the recordedseek table there's a file offset for any 
> B-frame, and that makes it very easy to compute the mythtv cutpoint.

Wow - never even thought of that! I may retry with mplayer now, and the
seek info ... well .. makes eminently good sense. I will have to try
something with that.

> Yes, Ajax could make the interface much better. Especially frame loading 
> and "more/all frames" could profit from Ajax. Another nice addition 
> would be start transcoding / modify transcoding options directly from 
> the application.

The former - yes - interface wise, its much more intuative, but
thereafter, well, it could certainly evolve into something that extends
myths capabilites. As a long time user, its only fair in my eyes to try
and help.

Hey ho - a new iteration for me I suspect.

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