[mythtv-users] Freeview with bbc radio missing

Dan dansto.well+myth at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 16:42:47 UTC 2011

2011/9/17 Mike Perkins <mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk>:
> On 17/09/11 16:10, Dan wrote:
>> Hi -
>> We've been having trouble with our setup (scheduled recordings often
>> failing) which I suspected was a config issue. So in mythtv-setup I
>> deleted the cards and the sources. Then I added the two cards back in
>> (the two tuners from a Nova-T dual DVB-T card), and added a single
>> Video Source, set up to use radiotimes.
>> I used a full scan to add channels - I made sure the scan was for "TV
>> + radio" not just "TV" - and I manually approved the channels as it
>> added them (to remove some of the crud).
>> It found all the TV channels I expected, and some radio channels
>> (kerrang, q heat etc), but none of the BBC radio channels (those are
>> the ones we want!).
>> We're in East London. Here are the transports the backend now lists:
>> AUTO  506000000 Hz netid 9018 tid 4100 (DVB-T)
>> AUTO  578000000 Hz netid 9018 tid 20480 (DVB-T)
>> AUTO  538000000 Hz netid 9018 tid 24576 (DVB-T)
>> How can I get the radio channels, please?
> You'll have to scan again. You should have six transports, one of which is
> nowadays reserved for HD.
> Do a scan on *one* of your existing transports and there's a box to tick for
> using info about additional transports; I forget the exact words. That should
> get you what you want.

Got it! Thanks, that fixed it. Doing a scan on one of the existing
transports (with that box ticked) got a fix on one extra transport -
so now I have four, not six, which has at least added the channels
which I care about.


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