[mythtv-users] Freeview with bbc radio missing

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Sat Sep 17 15:52:09 UTC 2011

On 17/09/11 16:10, Dan wrote:
> Hi -
> We've been having trouble with our setup (scheduled recordings often
> failing) which I suspected was a config issue. So in mythtv-setup I
> deleted the cards and the sources. Then I added the two cards back in
> (the two tuners from a Nova-T dual DVB-T card), and added a single
> Video Source, set up to use radiotimes.
> I used a full scan to add channels - I made sure the scan was for "TV
> + radio" not just "TV" - and I manually approved the channels as it
> added them (to remove some of the crud).
> It found all the TV channels I expected, and some radio channels
> (kerrang, q heat etc), but none of the BBC radio channels (those are
> the ones we want!).
> We're in East London. Here are the transports the backend now lists:
> AUTO  506000000 Hz netid 9018 tid 4100 (DVB-T)
> AUTO  578000000 Hz netid 9018 tid 20480 (DVB-T)
> AUTO  538000000 Hz netid 9018 tid 24576 (DVB-T)
> How can I get the radio channels, please?
You'll have to scan again. You should have six transports, one of which is 
nowadays reserved for HD.

Do a scan on *one* of your existing transports and there's a box to tick for 
using info about additional transports; I forget the exact words. That should 
get you what you want.

As the other responder said, the radio schedules don't come via xmltv. You have 
to use EIT for them.


Mike Perkins

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