[mythtv-users] mythtfilldatabase claims --refresh-all is not defined?

Jan Johansson j2 at mupp.net
Sat Sep 17 15:56:44 UTC 2011

This started happening with trunk a while back.. I have tried to swap the order of the arguments around, but no joy.

Any hint to why it claims that refresh-all is not defined?

mythtv at MythBox:~$ /usr/local/bin/mythfilldatabase  --refresh-all --max-days 13
ERROR: --max-days requires that none of the following be defined
 --dd-grab-all --refresh-all

mythfilldatabase version: master [v0.25pre-3305-gbc9837f] www.mythtv.org
Misc. Options:
--dd-file                       Bypass grabber, and read SD data from file
  --lineupid                      DataDirect lineup of input xml file
  --offset                        Day offset of input xml file
  --sourceid                      Operate on single source
  --xmlfile                       XML file to import manually
--dd-grab-all                   refresh full data using DataDirect
--do-channel-updates            update channels using datadirect
--dont-refresh-tba              don't refresh "To be announced" programs
--dont-refresh-tomorrow         don't refresh tomorrow's listings
--export-icon-map               export icon map to file
--file                          Bypass grabbers and define sourceid and file
  --sourceid                      Operate on single source
  --xmlfile                       XML file to import manually
--import-icon-map               import icon map to file
--manual                        Run interactive configuration
--no-mark-repeats               do not mark repeats
--max-days                      force number of days to update
--do-not-filter-new-channels    don't filter ATSC channels for addition
--only-update-channels          only update channel lineup
--preset                        Use channel preset values instead of numbers
--refresh-all                   refresh listings on all days
--refresh-day                   refresh specific day's listings
--refresh-second                refresh listings two days from now
--refresh-today                 refresh today's listings
--remove-new-channels           disable new channels on datadirect web interface
--reset-icon-map                resets icon maps
-h OR --help OR --usage         Display this help printout.
--version                       Display version information.
--update                        Run non-destructive updates
--update-icon-map               updates icon map icons
--xawchannels                   Read channels from xawtvrc file
  --sourceid                      Operate on single source
  --xawtvrcfile                   xawtvrc file to import channels from

Logging Options:
--loglevel                      Set the logging level.  All log messages at lower levels will be
                                In descending order: emerg, alert, crit, err, warning, notice, info,
                                defaults to info
-l OR --logfile OR --logpath    Writes logging messages to a file at logpath.
                                If a directory is given, a logfile will be created in that directory
                                with a filename of applicationName.date.pid.log.
                                If a full filename is given, that file will be used.
                                This is typically used in combination with --daemon, and if used in
                                combination with --pidfile, this can be used with log rotators, using
                                the HUP call to inform MythTV to reload the file (currently disabled).
--nodblog                       Disable database logging.
-q OR --quiet                   Don't log to the console (-q).  Don't log anywhere (-q -q)
--syslog                        Set the syslog logging facility.
                                Set to "none" to disable, defaults to none
-v OR --verbose                 Specify log filtering. Use '-v help' for level info.

mythtv at MythBox:~$

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