[mythtv-users] 3 Mux but recording schedule indicating using 4 tuners?

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Sat Sep 17 04:01:43 UTC 2011

On 9/16/2011 22:50, tortise wrote:
> We have 3 Mux here with all channels here in NZ. With the Rugby World
> Cup on the tuners are getting quite some use, as the competing channels
> are putting on some good stuff to look to head off the competition(!).
> The interesting thing is tonight's recording schedule is specifying
> using all 4 tuners.  My expectation was that there would never be the
> need for the 4th for recording channels, however for some reason the
> fourth is now planned to be used, as seen in mythweb, recording
> schedules.  Would, could or should that be correct?

MythTV blindly uses recorders in the order they are defined.  Virtual 
tuners are treated just the same as physical tuners, so they similarly 
need to be defined in the proper order.  In order for MythTV to behave 
correctly with respect to tuners, define your first tuner, and add all 
the virtual tuners you intend to use.  Define your second tuner, and add 
all the virtual tuners you intend to use, and so on.  When you're done, 
stop, and do nothing else.

MythTV will run through all those virtual tuners sequentially.  If the 
virtual tuner can tune that channel, it will use it.  If not, it will 
try the next, until it finds one that is useable.  Unless you run out of 
virtual tuners on one physical tuner, it should only need one per mux.  
Note that if you use any amount of padding, MythTV will need two virtual 
tuners to record back-to-back shows.

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