[mythtv-users] Picking up DVB-T2 HD channels with TBS6280 capture card

PJR pjrobinson at metronet.co.uk
Fri Sep 16 19:15:31 UTC 2011

I agree with your comments about 'supported' means it all works rather
than some of it works.  Perhaps just for info, the nano Stick 290e does
give DVB-T2 but you have to build the driver but saying that it is
really very very easy to do, just a few well documented commands.

On 16/09/11 16:30, Simon Hobson wrote:
> James Stocks wrote:
>> I'm on the fence between being very pleased that TBS have bothered 
>> to consider Linux, yet being a little annoyed that I've paid for 
>> claimed Linux support that evidently isn't complete yet.
> I know what you mean. For me, "supported" means that it either works 
> with a stock kernel (preferred), requires installing the "non-free" 
> firmware package (still OK), or at a pinch has a completely automated 
> process that builds a binary blob that works with a stub already in 
> the kernel. This card is a long way from that, so for me I'll wait ...
> But, on the other hand, it would be easy to be too negative and leave 
> vendors feeling that it's too much hassle and just not bother in 
> future.
> I'm not a developer and I've no idea how hard (or otherwise) it is to 
> do, but my feeling is that the free software community needs to make 
> it easier than it appears to be at the moment to bridge the gap. One 
> of the constant complaints is about lack of support for the latest 
> hardware, but I can completely understand the reasons some vendors 
> may have for not wanting (or be able) to do a completely open driver. 
> I don't think either side wins if dogma gets in the way of supporting 
> new hardware.
> Applying a pragmatists hat, closed software (or closed drivers for 
> hardware) isn't going to go way any time soon. We (collectively) need 
> to figure out how to accommodate it for those that need it, without 
> compromising those who (for valid reasons IMO) aren't prepared to be 
> tainted by it.

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