[mythtv-users] Problem with sound

Fernando Ruza Rodriguez ffrr12 at gmail.com
Fri Sep 16 14:33:15 UTC 2011

El sáb, 12-02-2011 a las 17:30 +0100, raptor jr escribió:
> Sometimes i have problem with the sound on LiveTV and recordings. It
> appears in different ways, but sometimes it is like the sound is
> coming from inside a metal box, or there is a echo, or the sound is
> delayed several times so even though only one person is talking it
> sounds like several people is talking and saying the same things. And
> it appears all of a sudden even though i haven't changed any settings
> or anything.
> I really dont know how to find the problem but it is annoying. And i
> dont really know how to make it good again, i restart the frontend
> several times, i restart the recording or LiveTV, and all of a sudden
> it works again. I am using internal volue controls. Tried to disable
> that but still the same problem.
> It is not tied to a recording, because recordings that i do know
> sounds good before sounds bad when this happends.
> How can i debug this? 
> /Stefan

Hi Stefan,

Did you fix this? It happens the same to me with one of my
mythfrontends. I usually solved it by rewinding or forwarding a while
and then when I play again the sound its ok. I don't know if it happens
the same with recordings however with live TV it happens regularly.

Thanks for any answer.


Fernando Ruza Rodriguez <ffrr12 at gmail.com>

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