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Tom Furie tom at furie.org.uk
Fri Sep 16 05:08:20 UTC 2011

On Fri, Sep 16, 2011 at 12:48:26AM -0400, Michael T. Dean wrote:
> OK, got a chance to look at the code--and I stand corrected.  It uses 
> the same code that auto-expire uses, but it just calls the code 
> immediately.  That means it is affected by the value of:
> Re-record watched
> If enabled, programs that have been marked as watched and are 
> Auto-Expired will be re-recorded if they are shown again.
> in mythfrontend settings under Utilities/Setup|Setup|General 
> settings***.  The default value for the setting is "enabled", meaning 
> that by default all shows will be marked to allow re-record when expired 
> (or deleted for "record new and delete old").  If you disable that 
> setting, than any show that's expired but not marked as watched will be 
> deleted without allowing re-record.
> *** But it does not respect the flag that allows you to disable 
> auto-expire on the recording for "record new and delete old" rules--for 
> that you would need to set the preserve flag.  The auto-expire flag only 
> comes into play when your file system fills up and shows are 
> auto-expired to make room for new recordings.

So, what you are saying here is that if you have "re-record watched" set
then watched shows that are deleted due to the max. episode limit in the
scenario at hand will be re-recorded, but regardless of the setting of
this option, unwatched ones won't? Or are you saying that "re-record
watched" will re-record unwatched as well as watched recordings?


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