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Fri Sep 9 14:32:53 UTC 2011

On Sat, Sep 3, 2011 at 12:59 PM, Tom Flair <lists at graniteskies.net> wrote:

> It's a bit late for today's game, but hopefully not for next week.
> My provider moved the Big 10 Network to different channels,  something that
> I didn't think to check until 10 minutes before game time.
> Initially, I started out with only one SD channel and one HD channel.
> There is one primary channel for BTN SD and two over flow channels.  The two
> over flow channels have the same XMLTV ID, as noted when looking at the page
> source (https://www.schedulesdirect.org/lineups/edit) and the raw data (
> http://www.schedulesdirect.org/getdata).   For clarity, the primary
> channel is 80 and the overflow channels are 81 and 82.
> When I performed mythfilldatabase --sourceid 4 --refresh-today
> --do-channel-updates, I picked up channel 81 but not 80.  I'm assuming it
> skipped the first channel because the XMLTV ID is the same.
> I went ahead and manually added the first overflow channel (80) using the
> same information for the second (81) and ran mythfilldatabase --sourceid 4
> --refresh-today.   This at least gave me the guide data.
> When I try to tune the channel on the MBE/MFE, I receive an error
> "Irrecoverable recorder error", regardless of which tuner I use for the
> channel.
> I'm watching the channel directly off of another box, so I know it's
> there.  I've run 6200ch and tuned the boxes to the correct channel and run
> test-mpeg2 and confirmed the channel does exist and can be tuned from each
> of the boxes, but Myth fails.
> What am I missing or what have I done wrong?

Any suggestions?
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