[mythtv-users] mythpreviewgen causing high iowait

Alasdair Haswell ali at arhaswell.co.uk
Thu Sep 1 08:37:06 UTC 2011

Hello there!

I've been using myth for around ten years now, but have recently hit 
some problems that I've been unable to solve from searching mythtvtalk, 
etc.  I figured it was about time I joined this list, perhaps I can 
contribute as well.

I'm currently running mythbuntu as it is simple to set up and just works 
with minimal effort.  Something that's been bothering me is that when 
watching live tv and a programme ends, myth stops streaming for a second 
or two and then carries on.

Using iotop I've discovered that mythpreviewgen seems to be the culprit 
on the server side.  During the freezes mythpreviewgen uses 100% IO 
presumably when generating the preview of the last programme, before 
myth starts to play the next programme.  Is this a known issue?  Can the 
process be reniced or modified in some way to be less demanding on IO?

Many thanks,

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