[mythtv-users] ATI Remote Wonter Plus not working

Fraser Eric bonbasket at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 6 03:05:05 UTC 2011


This is my first post  to this forum, I have been trying out mythtv for the past year and decided to get more serious with my configuration now that the HD homerun with cable card has come out. 

I am trying to get an ATI Remote Wonder Plus remote control working under the latest release Mythbuntu 11.10.

I read a lot of posts that this remote is supposed to be supported two 
ways, either via the kernel as a keyboard/mouse or via LIRC using the 

Most of the posts for this remote are old prior to 2008 which is about 
when the kernel's were updated with plug and play support.  So I am 
assuming these remotes are supposed to  be plug and play and I am 
missing something in my setup?

My problem is it does not work plug and play.  The remote is recognized 
when I plug in the USB receiver as an ati_remote using lsmod command.  I
 also see the remote in the mouse settings menu as one of my mice but it
 still does not work.

Does anyone have any support with setting up this remote on linux ubuntu?

My remote works fine under windows vista business so I know the hardware works. 

How do I assign the channel?  Looking at the driver code it support a 
"channel_mask" which by default is set to 0 so it is supposed to receive
 on all 16 channels supported by  this remote.  Do I need to rebuild the
 driver to and patch the kernel to use the same remote on multiple 
computers?  Is there a config file or environment variable which I can 
used to set the "channel_mask" so  that the ATI driver does not use the 
default.  I would be happy first getting the remote on any channel.

My other thought is that this is an ATI remote wonder plus which is 
supposed to be a upgrade of the original ATI remote wonder.  The ATI 
Remote Wonder 2 is supposedly different from the original and plus.  
That is like why my remote is seen as a ati_remote instead of an 
ati_remote2 when I lsmod.  The myth wiki talks about patching the kernel
  for the remote wonder plus.  Is this necessary?  I would suspect that 
some of the buttons work but nothing appear to work.

I tried testing it with "xev", mashing on all the buttons did not see any output.

I have also made some attempts setting up my remote with lirc using 
mythbuntu IR setup control center but it also did not work.  Following 
instructions on the myth wiki.  The wiki does not seem to talk about 
setting up or changing channels.  I have read other posts for setting 
channels using lirc... again most of them old posts.  The lirc talks 
about blacklisting the ATI kernel driver which is what I tried. 

I would think it would be best to first get the ATI kernel / mouse / 
keyboard working before I play with lirc or at least it responding to 
some of its input.

I have tried various linux machines, have even tried it on mythbuntu 
10.10 kernel 2.6.35.  When running with kernel,  ati_remote was not 
blacklisted and LIRC was not installed. 

I have 64 bit dell machines optiplex and precision workstation but have 
also tried it on my laptop and old Pentium  III machines running 32 bit 
OS.  No success...

I  have also read reviews about ATI Remote Wonder 2 working fine with mythbuntu and linux.

Any help would be appreciated.   Even with other ATI remotes are they 
supposed to be plug and play? or do I have to black list other input 

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