[mythtv-users] Multiple Lineups / Live TV Channel Change

Scott & Nicole Harris snharris99 at live.com
Fri Nov 4 00:11:06 UTC 2011

>The initial Live TV card is selected bottom up (and only with "Avoid
>conflicts..." set).  I have no idea what happens when you change
>channels in Live TV to a channel that's not available on the source(s)
>connected to inputs on this card.  But based on some of the bug
>reports/tickets we have had about changing to channels on other sources,
>I'd guess that a) it's not actually working according to any grand plan,
>right now, and b) all the previous attempts to allow users to change to
>channels on other inputs without hitting NEXTCARD or NEXTINPUT (or using
>the MENU) have muddied the waters so the behavior is probably far from
>predictable, now.

I was just going to post that from my further digging, it looked like it was 
the channel change across sources that was causing the break down.  I 
suspect you're right, once you change channels across sources, the card 
selection is following recording rules, rather than Live TV rules. 
Considering your comments about the number of bug tickets about this, I 
should probably just leave it alone.
>FWIW, my solution is to never use Live TV.  ;)  (Yeah, I realize that
>not everyone can live with that approach.)

I watch very little Live TV other than sports events.  However, my wife will 
quite often go to bed a little bit before me and flip on Live TV.  This 
usually opens to an OTA channel from the previous Live TV session.  She then 
tries  to flip to a cable channel she likes to watch, which is where this 
rears it's head because she finds herself "trapped" in the multiplex of a 
running recording and can't get to her channel.

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