[mythtv-users] Multiple Lineups / Live TV Channel Change

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Nov 3 23:53:24 UTC 2011

On 11/03/2011 06:30 PM, Scott & Nicole Harris wrote:
>> Thanks for you help guys, I think I got it under control (and more
>> importantly WHY it's the way it is).
> Perhaps I don't have it under control.  I was working on this remotely and
> just got home to test the effects.  I deleted all cards and set them back up
> with 4 virtual tuners each, then connected them in the same order.  So I
> ended up with this (shortened for sanity)...
> HDHR1-0 (4 virtuals, Cable) (1st card created, 1st  connected to a source)
> HDHR1-1 (4 Virtuals, Cable) (2nd card created, 2nd connected to a source)
> HDHR2-0 (4 Virtuals, Cable) (3rd card created, 3rd connected to a source)
> HDHR2-1 (4 Virtuals, Cable) (4th card created, 4th connected to a source)
> HDHR3-0 (2 Virtuals, OTA) (5th card created, 5th connected to a source)
> HDHR3-1 (2 Virtuals, OTA) (6th card created, 6th connected to a source)
> After setting it that way, the scheduler managed to schedule everything to
> HDHR1 using multirec, absolutely nothing assigned to HDHR2 so I figured I
> was looking good.  I then flipped to Live TV, and it went right to HDHR3-1
> as expected from the indication that LiveTV will work it's way from the
> bottom up for available tuners.  However, when I flipped to a cable channel
> (still in LiveTV, just punched in the channel number to change), it selected
> HDHR1-0 as the input, rather than the HDHR2-1 I was expecting.  To further
> compound my confusion, I exited Live TV and returned, and it tuned the
> previously used channel as expected and again select HDHR1-0 as the tuner to
> use.  Both Allow LiveTV to Reschedule Recordings and Avoid Conflicts Between
> Live TV and Recordings are enabled, however testing with all combinations of
> setting these had no impact.
> Did I miss something, or misunderstand how Myth will select LiveTV (from the
> bottom up of card id's) vs recordings (from the top down of input id's)?

The initial Live TV card is selected bottom up (and only with "Avoid 
conflicts..." set).  I have no idea what happens when you change 
channels in Live TV to a channel that's not available on the source(s) 
connected to inputs on this card.  But based on some of the bug 
reports/tickets we have had about changing to channels on other sources, 
I'd guess that a) it's not actually working according to any grand plan, 
right now, and b) all the previous attempts to allow users to change to 
channels on other inputs without hitting NEXTCARD or NEXTINPUT (or using 
the MENU) have muddied the waters so the behavior is probably far from 
predictable, now.

I /think/ that when you change to a channel on another source, current 
MythTV code will go through in your preferred-for-recordings order.  
Therefore, if you want to control which cable-TV card/input is used, 
you'll have to use the MENU|Source|Switch Input approach.

FWIW, my solution is to never use Live TV.  ;)  (Yeah, I realize that 
not everyone can live with that approach.)


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