[mythtv-users] Multiple Lineups / Live TV Channel Change

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Nov 4 15:32:46 UTC 2011

On 11/03/2011 08:11 PM, Scott & Nicole Harris wrote:
> I watch very little Live TV other than sports events.  However, my wife will
> quite often go to bed a little bit before me and flip on Live TV.  This
> usually opens to an OTA channel from the previous Live TV session.  She then
> tries  to flip to a cable channel she likes to watch, which is where this
> rears it's head because she finds herself "trapped" in the multiplex of a
> running recording and can't get to her channel.

Do you have a TV/Cable type button on your remote?  If so, perhaps you 
could map it to NEXTCARD or NEXTINPUT (which may require your explicitly 
binding a key to one of them).  That might be easy enough to learn?


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