[mythtv-users] Lirc & Harmony 525 Key repeat problem

john rwc at bestpond.com
Tue Jun 14 02:44:36 UTC 2011

I am using MythTV 0.24.1 on opensuse 11.4 and having problems with my Logitech harmony  
525 remote, in that if I press any of the 4  arrow keys while going through menu selection 
it skips 2-4 items, really making it impossible to use the remote.

I had been partly successful using the remote setup emulating an mce  remote using the 
mceusb lirc module on an older system, however I had a motherboard failure and 
consequently upgraded this front end which drives the family tv.

The system is running opensuse 11.4 with kernel As lirce is now 
included in the kernel I am really a bit unsure as to where I can make any adjustements to 
cause lirc to slowdown this key repeat rate.

I have access to the Logitech harmony website and have looked through the troubleshooting 
process and have adjusted the settings as advised ( a range of 0 - 6  with zero being the 
slower repeat setting)  and updated the remote. This has had no effect, on changing the 
repeat rate. I also read that there was a another profile for the mce settings and MCE 
Special Edition, I loaded that onto the remote and again no material difference or 
resolution to my problem.

As I see it the settings within the remote, are not having an effect on lirc handling this 
repeat rate. I have also used the original MCE remote I had bought, an Hauppage (RC6 model 
No:TSHA-IR01)  this has the same key repeat problem.

I would appreciate any ideas on what I can do to resolve this. Is there a 'lirc' file that 
can be adjusted that I may have missed? 

I have lircrc in my mythtv directory & subsequent to this problem put lirc.conf in 
/etc/lirc after reading a suse 11.4 &  lirc discussion on the opensuse forum.

Thanks for any advice.


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