[mythtv-users] At a loss with this harmony 650 and lirc...

Craig Treleaven ctreleaven at cogeco.ca
Sat Dec 17 14:01:33 UTC 2011

>I throw myself on the mercy of the list, I'm stuck.
>I have an original HDHR with the IR receiver and I can not get lirc on
>the myth box to see anything being sent from the HDHR.
>* Lircd starts up and is listening to port 5000 per /var/logs/daemon
>* irw returns nothing when I press a button on the remote
>* The myth box is not blocking the UDP data, iptables --list is empty
>* I see the network lights flash on the switch the HDHR and myth box are
>attached to when I press a button
>The only thing I can think of is that the harmony is not configured
>right.  According to the web site/stand alone tool, the myth box is a
>'Media Center PC (MythTVMythknoppix).
>This theory came to mind when I tried switching the profile and the
>software asked me if I had a remote for the device already.  This makes
>me think that, just perhaps, the software was expecting to have to learn
>the codes from the remote that it is replacing, and as there isn't one,
>it's sending bogus (or null) codes out.
>I know there are a few people on the list, can you point me in the right
>direction as to what profile this thing should be set to, or a site that
>breaks the correct settings down?


My setup will be a bit different than yours since I'm running a OS X backend, but a lot should be the same.  First, I use the following parameters to have lircd listen for the HDHomerun:

lircd --driver=udp --device=5000

Next, you have to a configuration file that matches the remote codes that you're going to have the Harmony send.  I chose the remote for an older model Panasonic DVD since there was a complete-looking config file on lirc.org and the buttons available seemed to match well with Myth functions (ie "Menu", "Info", etc).  Put the lirc.conf file in the right place (likely /etc) and configure the Harmony to send those codes.  I *don't* have that DVD player--it is just a convenient set of codes that won't conflict with the devices I do have.

I seem to remember that irw can't receive udp-based activity.  Maybe try ircat?

Finally, you need a lircrc config file to map button presses to Myth commands.  See:


Hope this helps,


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