[mythtv-users] At a loss with this harmony 650 and lirc...

Justin The Cynical cynical at penguinness.org
Sat Dec 17 05:49:49 UTC 2011

I throw myself on the mercy of the list, I'm stuck.

I have an original HDHR with the IR receiver and I can not get lirc on
the myth box to see anything being sent from the HDHR.

* Lircd starts up and is listening to port 5000 per /var/logs/daemon

* irw returns nothing when I press a button on the remote

* The myth box is not blocking the UDP data, iptables --list is empty

* I see the network lights flash on the switch the HDHR and myth box are
attached to when I press a button

The only thing I can think of is that the harmony is not configured
right.  According to the web site/stand alone tool, the myth box is a
'Media Center PC (MythTVMythknoppix).

This theory came to mind when I tried switching the profile and the
software asked me if I had a remote for the device already.  This makes
me think that, just perhaps, the software was expecting to have to learn
the codes from the remote that it is replacing, and as there isn't one,
it's sending bogus (or null) codes out.

I know there are a few people on the list, can you point me in the right
direction as to what profile this thing should be set to, or a site that
breaks the correct settings down?

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