[mythtv-users] Install Mythbuntu with RAID 1 (Software)

Ziegaus Matthias beaver4ever at gmx.de
Thu Dec 15 12:03:27 UTC 2011

I know i dont get any performance improvement with RAID 1, but since i will
also use this machine as storage for important data, i wanted reliability,
thats all.

I definitely want to use SSH and also i need to run a samba server if that
will create any issues.

After reading all that i have come to the understanding that i need to run
the OS on another HDD.

So running a third HDD/SDD and rsyncing it to the RAID would be the
solution i prefer most.

Wich leads me to the following actions:

- Install Mythbuntu on HD without RAID
- Use mdam to get the RAID 1 with the two other HDDs
- rsync OS to the RAID

The only problem that might occur is that i dont know if rsync can copy
bootloader entries. But there must be a way to do this.
Thanks you very much so far, you helped me big time :)
I am still curious about any comments though.
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