[mythtv-users] Sizeable CPU consumption when recording with HDHomerun?

Stephen Hocking stephen.hocking at gmail.com
Sat Aug 27 06:30:57 UTC 2011

Hi all,

I have a mythtv VM setup to use two HD homeruns. It's running on an
old AMD X2-400. When recording 4 HD programs at once, both CPUs are
maxed out & the recordings are a mess. With SD streams the consumption
is rather less, but 2-3 simultaneous recordings will see the
mythbackend process sitting at 20% of one CPU. When I was using DVICO
Dual Digital 4s on the same hardware, there was never a problem. The
platform is mythbuntu, 0.24+fixes, running on a 32 bit VM, with 1GB
memory and 2 vCPUs. There's nothing else running on the box, either
within the VM or on the bare metal. The network devices in the VM are
virtio untis the VM uses two of the system's network cards, one for
the HD homeruns & general use, the other for the SAN (FreeBSD NFS
server). Has anyone else noted this excessive CPU usage on recording?


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