[mythtv-users] Canada's DTV transition: One channel currently on two frequencies, same virtual id

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Aug 30 14:04:40 UTC 2011

On 08/27/2011 12:20 AM, Ian Evans wrote:
> As Canada is going through it's digital transition, Global Toronto is
> currently broadcasting temporarily  on both RF41 and RF65 as CIII
> 41.1.
> Since the virtual channel for both frequencies is the same how will
> MythTV handle this if I rescan to add the new Global location before
> the old one gets shut off?

 From MythTV's perspective, channel numbers are really only used to 
identify which channel to tune during Live TV--it's your shortcut for 
jumping directly to a given channel rather than tuning through the 
guide.  So, it shouldn't cause any real issues to have 2 channels with 
the same channel number.

That said, however, you really shouldn't ever have 2 channels with the 
same channel number unless they have identical content /and/ you have 
configured them to have the same callsign (meaning that the recorder 
treats them as the same channel for "this channel" recording rules).

In this case, though, I'd recommend editing the channel number for the 
"old" channel--the one that's disappearing--to be different.  You can do 
so in mythtv-setup's channel editor.  Just add 1000 to the channel 
number or whatever to make it unique and put it in a separate "group" 
away from your normal channels.

You can also change the callsign (to CIII 41.1-Old or something) if 
you'd like to be able to control which channel is used for "this 
channel" rules.


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