[mythtv-users] External channel change program for Scientific Atlanta 4240HDC?

Erik Hovland erik at hovland.org
Sat Aug 27 00:41:11 UTC 2011

>> Did you use sa4250_ch as an external channel changer or
>> was the MythTV internal code enough?
> The primary change was that, as you noted in an earlier message, the
> 4240HDC needs the key release command sent.  I've since merged some of
> the ideas from sa4250_ch and from some other channel change programs to
> create an initial, more generic program.  My thought was to create a
> program that would identify the specific model set-top box and do the
> right thing.  I've diverted to other projects and haven't completed it,
> but it is working for the 4240.

I got farther thanks to your note about external changers. I set my
my input to use the external changer and I am able to get mythtv to
change channels.

Unfortunately, I am stopped on the fact that I can get the
stb to lock on exactly three channels. All of the other channels
show "TLam" and partial lock (instead of TLAM and full lock).

I used the diagnostic window to find all of the channels that were
marked "free" and put them into my channel set. When I try to
tune them, the stb changes to the right channel, but no data
comes across firewire. I didn't get into all of the priming stuff
yet, I'll try it if people think that is a good idea.

firewire_tester passes w/ P2P every time. test_mpeg works
for channels that I cannot tune using mythtv.

But thanks again. Some progess is better then none.


Erik Hovland
erik at hovland.org

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