[mythtv-users] Finder Key Binding & mce remote issue.

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Aug 26 06:16:56 UTC 2011

On 08/25/2011 08:31 PM, john wrote:
> Firstly I am using MythTV 0.24 binaries from Packman repo on Opensuse 11.4 with updates to
> kernel -3.0.3-41-desktop, and lirc -0.9.0-1.2.x86_64.  I have 3 PC's running MythTV.
> The main frontend  (also a slave B/E) was setup with a mceusb remote from hauppage.
> Following changes to add mceusb to the kernel, I have now setup the remote to work with
> devinput&  kernel mceusb. In conjunction with this I have a  Logitech Harmony 525 remote,
> which is the remote I want to use.
> Basically most commands&  keybindings are working on either remote with the exception of
> "Finder".
> I can use my keyboard 'shift # ' and up pops Finder.
> If I press Finder which I set up as an additional key on the harmony remote screen nothing
> happens!  I have checked and rechecked lircrc to see if there maybe some misaligned
> character or spelling issue and maybe I can't see the wood for the trees, but I can see
> nothing astray. ( That is not to say I haven't missed the blindingly obvious).
> If I run irw and press the remote 'Finder' it displays the lircrc info
> ......'KEY_NUMERIC_POUND'  devinput
> if I run evtest /dev/input/event7 it displays info on the code (in this case 521 but no
> key name only(?), however I note the the numbers do the same and they seem to work.
> Should the keybinding in myth i.e. # be able to function via remote, or do I need to
> change the keybinding and use a modifier key like Alt+# or Ctrl+# or Shift+#  ?
> Any advice would be appreciated.

Did you map it as Shift-# or #?  I think MythControls likes to do 
Shift-# and such (for things that require a shift key to type), and then 
the mapping only works if you are hitting both Shift and #.  
Unfortunately, I don't know of a good way to fix it using the UI, but 
you can always go into MythWeb's setup area and under MythTV|Key 
Bindings, change the mapping to remove the Shift part.


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