[mythtv-users] The elusive silent myth BE/FE box [in search of]

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Aug 20 16:29:59 UTC 2011

On 08/20/2011 04:40 AM, Julius Roberts wrote:
> On 20 August 2011 17:10, Epinephrine Junky<epinephrine_junky at beadon.ca>  wrote:
>> For a variety of reasons my backend sits behind my TV and bugs the crap out
>> of me because I can't get it to be silent.  It seems that no matter how many
>> times I change the fan configuration in hopes of a cheap/easy fix there's
>> just too much heat
> Hi mate, I got tired of replacing perfectly good hardware trying for a
> silent FE/BE.  Instead i moved the backend to a machine off where i
> can't actually hear it,


>   and a frontend i only have running when i'm
> watching tv.

I went farther and put the frontend in the other room, too, and drilled 
a hole in the wall to pass the video and speaker cables (and remote 
receiver cable, if you're not using RF) through.  You could do the same 
with a cabinet or closet--just make sure you get enough air circulation.

IMHO, this is the best way to use a general-purpose computer with the 
TV.  Your system can be as big, ugly, and loud as you want (or, more 
precisely, as it takes to make it inexpensive), can be powerful without 
your worrying about loud fans, etc., and--being invisible--is as 
unobtrusive as possible in any home-entertainment system.

Also, it seems that a majority of the cost of a small, silent, and 
pretty computer system is tied to the "small, silent, and pretty" 
requirements.  In most cases you're probably paying at least double what 
you would pay for a big, loud, and ugly PC.  And if you really want 
pretty--to the point that you don't want holes in the wall behind the 
TV, just wire up video and speaker jacks.  And note that the computer 
doesn't have to be in the room next to the TV--you can distribute the 
audio/video using cables that are routed through your attic/basement.


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