[mythtv-users] The elusive silent myth BE/FE box [in search of]

Julius Roberts hooliowobbits at gmail.com
Sat Aug 20 08:40:30 UTC 2011

On 20 August 2011 17:10, Epinephrine Junky <epinephrine_junky at beadon.ca> wrote:
> For a variety of reasons my backend sits behind my TV and bugs the crap out
> of me because I can't get it to be silent.  It seems that no matter how many
> times I change the fan configuration in hopes of a cheap/easy fix there's
> just too much heat

Hi mate, I got tired of replacing perfectly good hardware trying for a
silent FE/BE.  Instead i moved the backend to a machine off where i
can't actually hear it, and a frontend i only have running when i'm
watching tv.  It's still not silent, but i cant hear it over the tv,
so it doesn't matter.  I think you'll find most people will eventually
take this approach, it's simpler in the long run.

You do say that there are reasons your BE is behind the TV, and
perhaps they are good reasons, perhaps not.  I'd encourage you to
reconsider those if at all possible.  A mate of mine lives in a rental
property, he has his BE hoisted through the ceiling manhole in the
hallway, and his FE connects to it over wireless.  Anything is
possible :)
Kind regards, Jules

The CLI is everywhere. It's all around us, even in this very room. You
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