[mythtv-users] Upgrade (Debian wheezy/sid using KDE) breaks operating Mythtv-backend installation

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Aug 2 01:38:09 UTC 2011

On 08/01/2011 06:43 PM, M D wrote:
>> This sounds a lot like the issue that hit GNOME users a while back where
>> mythbackend was started before the network was set up (due to GNOME's
>> network manager) or the one that hit upstart users where mythbackend was
>> started before mysql was started. However, in those cases, mythbackend
>> would start just fine once the system was up and running--just wouldn't
>> start from the start script on system start. Have you tried just
>> starting mythbackend after the system boots (without restarting mysql)?
> Thanks
> Yes, it does not start.
> I may well have a similar issue to the GNOME issue.    (Still ongoing
> as I have not had the time to learn enough about the new startup
> scripts to fix it elegantly once and for all.)  I normally just start
> both mysql and the backend with the scripts after the connection is up
> and running.  I was happy when I saw mysql now starting up on boot
> after the upgrade, but then saw the Myth did not.  This time, the
> mysql needed a "restart" and myth didn't start after the boot without
> that "restart".
> Thanks for the lead about the gnome, I don't track gnome so I will
> check those references out next and maybe some good will come out of
> this upgrade, other than the improved software.

So it sounds like you have to completely restart mysqld for mythbackend 
to work.  If that's the case, I'd guess that the akonadi installation 
included start scripts for mysqld that configure a "limited" instance of 
mysqld--likely the akonadi "autoconfiguration" of mysqld.  See 
.  If so, you'll need to either change your akonadi config to use a 
complete/shared mysqld instance or uninstall akonadi.


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