[mythtv-users] modprobe.conf

Andrew Stadt acstadt at stadt.ca
Mon Apr 25 00:11:32 UTC 2011

On 24/04/2011 7:21 PM, Ken Smith wrote:
> Hi All,
> I have just added a DVB-S2 card to a Centos Myth 0.23 system that
> already has a PVR 350 and two Nova-T DVB cards.
> Have I got the syntax right to make sure that the cards initialise as
> the same devices at boot time.
> I've got this in modprobe.conf
> options cx8800 video_nr=1,2,3
> options ivtv ivtv_first_minor=0
> Which I think should make the PVR-350 /dev/video0.
> Does the cx88 setting make sure the three DVB devices come up in the
> same sequence? It didn't matter when there were just two NovaT's but now
> the DVB-S card in there it matters.
> Thanks
> Ken
YMMV, but in my experience it won't work.  You'll have to set up some 
sort of udev rule to give specific names to the tuners to ensure you can 
always identify the "right" one.  Kind of surprised you never had issues 
with the two NovaT's - unless they both got the same channel line-ups.



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