[mythtv-users] Is tv_grab_uk_rt working for anybody?

Thomas Boehm mythtv-users at lists.boehmi.net
Sat Apr 16 20:22:11 UTC 2011

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> I'm having the same problem. I'd like to upgrade to 0.5.59 - I'm
> running mythbuntu 10.04 LTS.
> Could you point me to any instructions / guides for manually updating
> XMLTV to 0.5.59 instead of the version found in Ubuntu's repo?

Did you download the new version and unpacked it? There is a README file in the root of that folder, which describes what to do. You need to run the following commands as root in this direcory

perl Makefile.PL
make test
make install

If there are missing perl modules, you'll be notified. Just install them with CPAN or search for them in Synaptic and install the package containing them. You also could install all perl modules mentioned in the README file before running the commands above.


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