[mythtv-users] Is tv_grab_uk_rt working for anybody?

Malcolm Landon malcolm at landonsonline.me.uk
Sat Apr 16 18:29:50 UTC 2011

>> Just to let everybody know, the problem has been solved by installing
>> First I had a lot of duplicate recordings, but these disappeared by
enabling EIT scan, which I enabled because I few channels were not on Radio
>> Works so much better than only with the EIT data. All predefined searches
in Mythweb (New Titles, Premieres, etc.) work now...
>> Thanks for the help
>> Thomas

I'm having the same problem. I'd like to upgrade to 0.5.59 - I'm running
mythbuntu 10.04 LTS.
Could you point me to any instructions / guides for manually updating XMLTV
to 0.5.59 instead of the version found in Ubuntu's repo?


Malcolm Landon

email - malcolm at landonsonline.me.uk
web   - malcolm.landonsonline.me.uk
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