[mythtv-users] Using low- and high-power multiplexes simultaneously

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Sun Apr 3 17:53:43 UTC 2011

On 4/3/2011 13:22, Robert Humphrey wrote:
> Since the changes to Sandy Heath transmitter on Wednesday I am now 
> receiving one multiplex, BBCA, with considerably more power than all 
> other multiplexes and this saturates my DVB-T USB receiver.  My 
> standard set-top box can receive it, but I've read elsewhere that 
> these USB receivers have a much narrower tolerance to signal level 
> than standard receivers.
> The distribution network for the aerial feed goes to multiple houses, 
> so I have no control over it.  Therefore, to try and reduce the signal 
> level I acquired a variable attenuator, and indeed with this in the 
> signal path I can now receive BBCA.  Unfortunately, I can't find any 
> attenuation level that allows me to receive all multiplexes - either 
> BBCA is too strong, or all other multiplexes are too weak and contain 
> many bit errors.
> Does anyone have any suggestions what else I could try?

They're not going to be cheap but you can find narrow band, or 'notch' 
attenuators that will drop the power on that specific frequency only.  
They're typically used when you want to combine multiple directional 
antennae into a single lead.

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