[mythtv-users] Using low- and high-power multiplexes simultaneously

Robert Humphrey mythtv at robhumphrey.me.uk
Sun Apr 3 17:22:46 UTC 2011

Hi all,

Since the changes to Sandy Heath transmitter on Wednesday I am now receiving
one multiplex, BBCA, with considerably more power than all other multiplexes
and this saturates my DVB-T USB receiver.  My standard set-top box can
receive it, but I've read elsewhere that these USB receivers have a much
narrower tolerance to signal level than standard receivers.

The distribution network for the aerial feed goes to multiple houses, so I
have no control over it.  Therefore, to try and reduce the signal level I
acquired a variable attenuator, and indeed with this in the signal path I
can now receive BBCA.  Unfortunately, I can't find any attenuation level
that allows me to receive all multiplexes - either BBCA is too strong, or
all other multiplexes are too weak and contain many bit errors.

Does anyone have any suggestions what else I could try?

Currently, I think my best solution is to put the attenuator on one input of
the DVB-T and use this for any channel on BBCA whilst using the other,
un-attenuated input for all other multiplexes.  To do this would I need
separate listings for the two tuners, or can I increase the priority of some
channels on one tuner whilst increasing the priority of the other channels
on the other tuner?

I know that the multiplexes are going to be changing again in just over a
week, but I think I'm still going to be left with some low-power and some
high-power multiplexes even after that, so finding a solution will have more
long term use.

Thanks for all help and suggestions,
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